SumUp for Developers

Empowering our partners with global card acceptance

Global platform

Enter 31 markets with one single integration.


One payment solution for every requirement: in-store, online, or mobile integration.

Secure payments

Fully PCI-compliant solutions and EMV certified hardware.

mPOS integration

Whatever your Point of Sale environment, SumUp simplifies payments. From retail or hospitality, to transport or delivery — we provide you with our SDK and API switch so that you can accept card payments anytime, anywhere.

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Quick integrations

Integrate SumUp's SDK or API in hours. We handle onboarding, risk & fraud, settlement, and support.

EMV hardware

Proprietary hardware supporting contactless, Chip & PIN, magnetic stripe.

Merchant management

Increased merchant visibility via our dashboard to track, monitor, and change fees.

eCom Checkout API

Extend your integration to include our Checkout API to accept payments in your website or app. Both, stand-alone or as omnichannel in combination with the mPOS integration.

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Allow your merchant base to get paid whether or not the cardholder is present.

Marketplace solution

Keep your marketplace compliant with our digital KYC process.

Complete portfolio

Full suite of card-non-present solutions, incl. eCom check-out, in-app SDK, over-the-phone / MOTO, mobile payments and card on file (tokenization).

Additional APIs

User management API

Seamlessly create and manage sub-accounts. View documentation

Transaction history API

Import all transactions to your ecosystem in real time. View documentation

Authorization API

Log in your users using OAuth transparently on SumUp's platform - on their behalf. View documentation

Signup API

SumUp's onboarding API allows you to transparently create SumUp accounts for your merchants. View documentation

Questions? We've got the answers!

1. Can I get a test account?

Of course! Get in touch with our integration team, please complete the contact us form and let us know where you are based.

2. Where can I get an affiliate key?

Log in to the SumUp Dashboard for Developers to generate your own key. For implementation please follow our step by step guide on SumUp Docs.

3. Which countries and currencies do you support?

All 31 of SumUp’s operating territories (EUR, GBP, USD, PLN, CHF, SEK, BRL, CZK, NOK, DKK, CLP, HUF, BGN). Integrate in hours and support merchants across 3 continents!

4. How do I setup OAuth?

Log in to the SumUp Dashboard for Developers, create your consent screen and credentials. For implementation please follow our step by step guide on SumUp Docs.

5. Can someone help me with a technical question?

Yes! Get in touch with our integration team, please send us an email.